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An easy way to get free and confidential access the new to HIV self-test kits.

The AIDS Coalition of Nova Scotia (ACNS) is excited to be part of the latest HIV self-testing project - providing free HIV self-test kits to anyone in Nova Scotia and connecting them to the care they need.

We’re providing pickup and mailout options to make sure we get kits in the hands of everyone who needs them. When you’re ready to explore this exciting testing option, we’ll be right there with you!


livingwithhivMPox / MonkeyPox

Mpox is a relatively rare virus that's primarily spread through extended periods of close physical contact with someone who has it. 

Globally in spring 2023 we are seeing a small uptick in cases, mainly travel-related and local acquisitions. While the numbers aren’t as high as we saw last year, we still aren’t sure what a resurgence will look like. Health officials across the world are urging folks who may be at risk to get vaccinated. 

At this point, there is no recommendation for a booster dose, meaning someone who has 2 doses is considered fully vaccinated.


whathappens colouredWhat to expect when you contact us

What happens varies a bit depending on whether you call, email or drop in to see us.
But one thing you can be sure of – we won’t ask your name, or require you to give personal details that you feel uncomfortable giving. If it’s your first time looking for…


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ACNS offers a wide variety of programs and services targeted to our diverse communities.
You’ll find everything from knowledge sharing and prevention techniques, to workshops, support and programs for individuals, community groups and health professionals…


aboutHIVAbout HIV, HCV and Other STIs

Safer sex is much more than using a condom.
Learning about how HIV and other STIs are transmitted helps us to consider our options when deciding what we want to do, and how we might choose to do it…