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BMO Bid for Life?

Cathy Jones.  Cathy Jones. Photo credit: Aaron Mckenzie Fraser


Bid... gets a makeover!

The 2020 BMO Bid for Life Dinner, Show and Auction was postponed - and then cancelled - due to COVID. As our main annual fundraiser, the loss of the event had a significant impact on our finances. More than a year has passed and an in-person fundraiser like “Bid” still isn’t viable to return to yet. However, we still need to raise money to support our ongoing prevention and client support work.


What’s A No-Gala Gala?

So... we are reimagining our 2021 ‘BMO Bid...’ event as a “no-gala gala” event. That is, we’ll encourage our supporters to spend the night in the comfort of their own homes ... and donate what they would have spent on a night out at BMO Bid for Life!

That donation will 'buy event tickets' which provide:

- access to a limited number of advance online silent auction packages; 

- a chance at winning a significant travel-themed door prize; and 

- a tax receipt for most of the value of their ticket package purchase.

 We are renaming this BMO Bid the Blazes Home and it will have a "stay home now" + "travel in the future" theme. This will be reflected in the advertising, auction items packages, and door prize. The ‘event date’ is set at June 5, 2021. The marketing and advertising plan will be much the same as if we were doing an actual event: PSAs, advertisements, social media, ACNS website, etc.  On the event date we will do a brief Facebook Live + Instagram video draw (recorded so people can access it after-the-fact as well) for the event door prize, announce the winners of the silent auctions, thanks our sponsors, etc.


Cathy Jones + Our Advertising

We are keeping the new look for the marketing and advertising that we created last year – which highlighted Cathy Jones as our planned dinner entertainment! Cathy had been contracted to perform stand-up at our cancelled 2020 event, and there’s no event to perform at this year. However, we have reached out to Cathy and she’s agreed to assist with our marketing of ‘ BMO Bid the Blazes Home ’ anyway!  :-)

Cathy will lend both her image and her voice to our marketing materials. That would still include her face on promotional posters (see the 2020 poster above for reference), and related fixed-image materials like static ads on Facebook and other social media. We are also discussing her videotaping some TikTok-style video spots which will provide Cathy the chance to use her comic gifts to support our cause! As well, we are planning a direct mail-out to previous ticket holders that will include a formalized “Invite” and RSVP card which would include Cathy as part of the event branding.


“ Your Absence is Requested ... ”


( ... the event isn’t real ... but the need is! )


For more information or to donate auction / door prize items contact Joyce at 902-425-4882 ext 226 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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