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Resilience Campaign

In 2013, ACNS began the “Resiliency within the HIV Community through Mental Health Strategies”program. It was initially implemented during the 2013 NS HIV/AIDS Knowledge Exchange and Health Promotion Forum.

This programexplored the links between HIV/AIDS, addiction, mental health, and resilience with people living with HIV/AIDS and workers in AIDS service organizations and related fields. It aimed to advance strengths-based models that build resilience for those living with, most at risk of, and working in the area of HIV/AIDS. The project engaged key stakeholders to identify models of practice and actions that reinforce existing strengths within our communities and provide opportunities to build resilience.

The AIDS Bereavement Project describes resiliency as, “the capacity of individuals and group to move forward with hope, clarity and effectiveness in the face of multiple loss, complex grief and ongoing transition related to HIV/AIDS”. The stories listed below are our stories, our stories of hope, loss, and strength, and our resilience.

These stories are part of a larger Resiliency project entitled “Resiliency within the HIV Community though Mental Health Strategies”. This project, funded though the Mental Health and Addictions Community Grants Program of the Nova Scotia Department of Health & Wellness, aims to address HIV/AIDS related stigmatization and discrimination as it relates to mental health, addictions, and resiliency. If you are living with or affected by HIV/AIDS, or are working or volunteering in an AIDS Service Organization and would like to contribute your story of resilience, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to express your interest.


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The AIDS Bereavement and Resiliency Project of Ontario’s website offers more information and materials
CATIE The Positive Side » Summer 2014 Ask the Experts: Learning to Live with Grief
Yvette Perreault explores the impact of HIV-related loss and what helps survivors through their sorrow.


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Learn about ACNS’ exploration of resiliency in the Knowledge Exchange and Health Promotion Forum Report