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The AIDS Coalition wants to acknowledge the removal of transgender and non-binary from queer history as it pertains to HIV activism. Despite often being at the front of many movements, Trans* people were left behind in many rights that were gained as they still are when we consider HIV/AIDS "a gay men's disease." We will continue to work to bring awareness to the importance of a queer history that includes transgender people. 


The large majority of the work we already do is open to transgender clients. Our support programs for those living with HIV apply to any and all genders. Our support groups are gendered in a binary fashion; though they are currently inactive, this is subject to further change. If you would like peer support, we encourage you to contact our support services coordinator or our Trans* health coordinator. Their contact can be found in the staff directory or below. 

Sexual Health

Trans people will often have differing needs from cis-gendered folks when it comes to all forms of health, and sexual health is no different. So whether it is navigating dysphoria during sex or how to have sex post-surgery, it is important to stay informed. We have made some printable resources, and more trans-specific sexual health content is on the way. If the rescores we have here do not answer your question of if having a conversation is more accessible to you, please give our Trans* health coordinator a call or email. 



Hanley Smith

Health and Wellness Coordinator for 2S/TNB+ Folks

902.425.4882 ext 226

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Dylan Samson

Support & Program Services

902.403.7841 (phone+text)

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Trans Language

Gender Affirming Surgeries

Trans Safer Sex Tips


GenderGP: Online worldwide trans healthcare support. Very good for getting Trans informed counselling

GenderGP: Online Transgender Clinic | Worldwide Gender Clinic

The Youth Project: Local queer organization that serves those 25 and under but will still help older folks access support. Community building events, help to lead through the medical system for transition, free therapy and letter of hormone readiness.

Youth Project

 Halifax Sexual Health Center: Trans informed clinic that can do things like STI/STD testing, referrals for surgery and distribution of hormones.

Halifax Sexual Health Centre (

Trans Lifeline: A free hotline that will connect you with an informed transgender peer. This can be used in times of crisis or just to have conversations with someone anonymously and comfortably.

Hotline | Trans Lifeline