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Young People

Our teen years and beyond can be a difficult time oflife, and because of this youth aged 15 to 29 are at an increased risk for many sexually transmitted infections. According to 2011 Public Health Agency of Canada STI surveillance data:

  • 81% of new cases of chlamydia were among youth
  • 66% of new cases of gonorrhea were among youth
  • 31% of new cases of infectious syphilis were among youth. NS STATS

Youth aged 15 to 29 accounted for 24% of new HIV diagnoses across Canada in 2013. Given these realities, we strive to work with populations of youth who are most at risk through partnership with local youth serving organizations across Nova Scotia.

We provide HIV/HCV/STI prevention information to youth through one-on-one sessions, in person or over the phone, as well as organizations and health-related professionals that serve youth. Our Sexual Health Jeopardy workshop is available to organizations throughout the year (given availability), as well as HIV/HCV/STI 101 Basics, or sessions highlighting specific topics requested by the organization.We have also provided workshops and advice on policy for staff of organizations primarily working with youth.

Creating Supportive Environments
Working with local organizations to provide information on sexual health, HIV, HCV and STI prevention has been a priority for ACNS over the past few years. We have created partnerships with several youth serving organizations in the Halifax area andacross the province to provide information sessions and workshops to youth annually. We often provide HIV, Hepatitis C, and sexual health information to teachers looking to enhance their curriculums, and partner with Teen Health Centers within schools to distribute information.

For more information about anything to do with our youth HIV/STI prevention work, or to book a workshop/information session contact the Program Coordinator at 902.425.4882, ext 226 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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Laci Green: Sex+. Ayoutube channel about all things sex, gender, and health


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STI: Sexually Transmitted Infections
Gearing Up to Get Down: The goods on HIV, safer sex, and protecting your parts
“Sex? A Healthy Sexuality Resource” Developed by NS Government for Youth
Sex + HIV: it's worth knowing the facts and risks: a booklet for teens – a booklet exploring HIV and other STIs
My Sex Life: info for young poz people – a great resource for young HIV+ youth about navigating their sex life

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